Windever Kennel - Registered Bernese Mountain Dogs & Dachshunds

Meet our Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds:

Miniatures weigh under 11lbs.
Windevers Extreme Cream Casper
Casper is an "ee" (American Cream) from a quality Florida breeder and is also dual registered AKC/CKC.
He is our second long hair stud.
Casper is an incredibly happy and optimistic little guy. He loves tummy rubs and is so full of character. He does something to make us laugh at least once a day! 

Crocus Creek's Rocket Man. (Shaded English Cream)
We call him "Valcor" and although he is stunning to look at he is also the calmest, most relaxed dachshund we've ever had.

 Windevers Pebbles n Jewels (Pebbles)
Pebbles is our first girl from Jewel and though we selected her for her wonderful dapple color and build, it's her personality that has made her a family favorite. She's our 10 lb farm dog - always out and about and riding on the golf cart with me.

Sniffntells Wroyal Honeydew (Sophie)
We just love the temperaments of these english creams. So Sophie is going to be Valcor's new girl :) She is expecting her first litter Spring 2018.

(Bella) RockinDox New York Midnight
Thanks to Martina in Nfld for allowing us to have this beautiful black and cream girl. Bell a has settled in beautifully with our crew and she will be a wonderful fit for our line of cream dachshunds.
(Photo Pending)

Windevers Sweetnlo Cookie
Cookie was our pick of her litter from Sweetnlo kennel and we were thrilled to have her in our breeding program. She has a really sweet and agreeable personality. She is Moxie's Mom.
Like many humans she has now moved in with her son Webster :)
Thanks to BD & Patti for giving her such a loving home.
We still miss her big eyes begging for a lift onto the couch.
Gran's Dark "Jewel"
Jewel is a lovely girl who just knows it and gave us some really, really beautiful puppies (Including Pebbles). Jewel was spayed after her last litter at the age of 6 and has moved in with one of her daughters. Thanks to Karen & Cara for giving them both such a loving home.
She has a lot of years and love to give.

Previous Puppies:

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