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Silken Windhound

Brindle Color

Have you ever seen or heard of a Silken Windhound?

Click here for an article on Windhounds 

Windever is now offering this gorgeous and relatively new breed here in Canada. 

The height of a larger dog, but weighing only 30-40 lbs, these noble looking dogs are remarkably calm, well mannered and affectionate. 

We personally feel they are a perfect city dog as they are so polite with other dogs and people. They will take your breath away when given the space to run, but as sprinters they don’t have endless energy and really are more of a couch potato. Content to snooze away beside you for hours.  

They aren’t known for serious health issues and most live into their late teens, with one dog on the registry living to see its 20th birthday. 

Gentle natured, they are good with other pets.  

Ours live with cats and chickens, and ride out with our horses.  And of course good with dachshunds!


Mahogany Brindle with White

As a very light dog with no pulling strength, they are very easy and polite for anyone to walk. Wonderful for seniors who don’t want to step down to a small breed & even your young children

can safely manage these dogs on a leash. 

Some sighthounds are not known for being affectionate, but not these guys! Very people oriented, they can also be trusted off leash where appropriate.  

Their longer coats give them a real beauty, but are not at all hard to maintain. Not double coated they shed relatively little. 

No professional grooming needed. 

Developed in the 80’s in the US by a borzoi breeder who recognized the need for a midsize dog with the beauty of the larger borzoi and the size of a whippet, these 2 breeds are the foundation of a Windhound. 

Recognized as a unique breed and registered by the International Silken Windhound Society (ISWS)


Silken Windhounds​ on the run!     (Note the bernese just standing there watching :-)

We encourage you to do some research on the Silken Windhound and reach out if you’d like to come and meet ours!

(When photographed they often have their tails tucked under and backs arched,  but when moving freely they are really so much more beautiful than photographs indicate!)

Harley & Halo

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